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Getting a little woo....with numbers

I believe that a great budget is the most impactful way to manifest positive financial results in your business.

I’m often surprised at the resistance I see from leaders in multimillion $$ businesses who hold some of the following (self-sabotaging) beliefs:

1. The budget doesn’t mean anything

2. It’s never right

3. I just do my thing

Well…..hold onto your butts folks. I have some thoughts. If you feel this way , you’re not harnessing the power of a budget. You are not a victim of a useless spreadsheet!!

There are 3 reasons that budgets are powerful:

1. Budgets regulate our emotions

2. Budgets create cohesion

3. Budgets create clarity for manifestation (told you it was woo today)


This is my favorite. If I ask you how business is going, what is your answer? Good, bad, ok?? I will always ask you ‘’relative to what???”

How can you truly answer this question unless you have set an expectation?

Try this on….have you ever said that something is too expensive? Yet to others it’s a deal? Why do we have a different opinion on value? Because it’s relative.

So are our business financial goals. I cannot express this enough.

When you don’t make results relative to an expectation, your emotions can dictate your response. What is good today can be terrible tomorrow.

Budgets will keep your emotions in check.


This is simple. Everyone on your team, in your household and all the personalities in your own head need a shared north star.

Anything else creates chaos.


The Law of Attraction, Return to Love, Awaken the Giant, Super Attractor, The Secret

These are all well-known resources to better understand how manifestation works. If you’re just not that woo, we can substitute some simple statements:

Like attracts like

More of the same

What you measure improves

Manifestation is the secret mechanism that makes KPI’s effective.

Budgets create a clear message of what we wish to bring into existence.

They are our statement of intent. So that when we act or speak in a way that isn’t aligned with our desire, we feel negative emotions.

This closed loop can keep us on track to achieve our goals.

If you have deep resistance to a budget (and to actually using your budget every month) then you need to build a better budget with someone that really understands you, the business and your needs.

How we help

BauerHouse has a New Coaching Offering!!

The Small Business Program

Over the Course of 12 Months:

  • 10 1:1 Executive Coaching Sessions

  • **Financial Budget Creation/Analysis**

  • 3 1:1 Coaching Sessions with a Key Team Member

  • Annual Planning Facilitation

Businesses from $750k-5M Annual Revenue

Any industry

All Executive Coaching sessions are with the Owner/CEO/President/Integrator

Elizabeth is a Coach, CPA, Business Owner and experienced leader. Learn more at:

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