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Executive Leadership Coaching

Energized - Influential - Grounded

I coach executive and senior leaders of multi-million dollar companies across the world. 


These leaders are technically excellent, poised for growth and lead with enthusiasm.


So how do I help?


Together we:


  • Expedite the shift from manager to strategic leader

  • Develop executive presence and personal leadership style

  • Address personal trauma 

  • Support emotional wellbeing

  • Challenge status quo thinking

  • Repair relationships 

  • Set goals for personal, professional and organizational growth

  • Prioritize what’s most important


The coaching relationship is a safe space to explore, vent, troubleshoot and brainstorm.


As an experienced leader and coach, I help my clients consistently show up in integrity and perform at their best. 

Executive Coaching is a tool to gain perspective, make excellent decisions and lead more effectively. 

The BauerHouse Executive Coaching Model 

Self, Others & Results

1. Self


Excellent leadership stems from confidence, authenticity and transparency. To do this well, leaders must know themselves deeply and consistently practice vulnerability. 


“We see the world not as it is, but as we are.” 


By understanding ourselves and our closely held beliefs, we can truly lead well. This is much deeper than predictive indices and personality profiles. This is the work of the subconscious, as it has been shaped by our formative experiences. 


2. Others


It is both art and science to galvanize and lead a healthy, collaborative team that can grow through change and adversity. 


We will explore your closest relationships, look for trends and create a path to team cohesion and high performance. 

Healthy and thriving relationships, families and communities amplify great leaders. 



3. Results


Businesses must be anchored by a strong commitment to a vision - validated by measurable results. 


Leaders will learn how to share and achieve a compelling vision. They will learn how to hold others (and self) accountable to goals. 

Leaders will also set goals specific to the coaching relationship. How do you want to measure your personal success?




Leaders must exhibit the values of their companies and be an example of what is possible.

Client Testimonial

“Working with Elizabeth has changed my life. Her ability to get to your core and really make you understand yourself better and what you need to improve and a human and a leader is mind boggling. Even though we’ve only been working together a few months I can’t imagine a future where I’m not working with her.” 


~VP Supply Chain 

Simple, Sustainable & Transformative 

I ask the hard questions. Using highly personalized coaching methodologies and deep leadership experience,  I help leaders achieve excellence. I help businesses break through plateaus and develop high performing leaders. 

1:1 Coaching is open for registration NOW

Businesses may also build a customized program for a group. Book a consultation to discuss this option. 


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