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 CEO's local to Minnesota may work with Elizabeth Bauer through Vistage. If you are out of state or prefer a virtual

coaching experience:




What is Vistage?

Vistage provides professional coaching and peer advisory boards for owners, executives and senior leaders of multi-million dollar companies. 


Together we:

  • Enhance strategic decision making

  • Develop executive presence and personal leadership style

  • Support emotional wellbeing

  • Challenge status quo thinking

  • Build relationships 

  • Set goals for personal, professional and organizational growth

  • Prioritize what’s most important


The coaching relationship is a safe space to explore, vent, troubleshoot and brainstorm.


"Leaders must exhibit the values of their companies and be an example of what is possible"   ~EB

Leadership Excellence is a Journey

Vistage members approach leadership excellence as a continuous journey, with ups and downs that require grit and determination. They bring rigor to their decision-making, knowing they don’t have all the answers. They take advantage of outside perspectives from trusted peers, guidance from respected mentors and insights from renowned thought leaders. And the results speak for themselves.

Client Testimonial

“Working with Elizabeth has changed my life. Her ability to get to your core and really make you understand yourself better and what you need to improve and a human and a leader is mind boggling. Even though we’ve only been working together a few months I can’t imagine a future where I’m not working with her.” 


~VP Supply Chain 

How Vistage Helps Leaders Grow Themselves

& Their Companies:

  1. Meet with your confidential peer advisory group (must be able to travel to Minneapolis, MN 1 day per month) to work through challenges and opportunities with executives from non-competing organizations.

  2. An experienced leader and coach  (Vistage Chair - Elizabeth Bauer) facilitates and guides your group.

  3. Learn from world-class speakers who spark innovative approaches to optimizing your business.

  4. Our thoughtful research, analyses and webinars help you prepare your organization for the future.

  5. Connect with business leaders around the world for real-time advice and troubleshooting through our online networks.

  6. Come together for exclusive events to access the experience, wisdom, and insights of your business peers.

The Vistage Membership

Better leaders 
Better decisions 

Better results

To learn more about executive coaching through Vistage, schedule a call with Elizabeth Bauer, Vistage Chair

More about Vistage:

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