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Virtual Coaching for Experienced Leaders


BauerHouse provides 1:1 Coaching for Experienced Leaders so that they may:

Lead more effectively 

Think more strategically

Foster a growth mindset

Engage more deeply at work

Nurture work/life balance

Be more resilient

Develop high level leadership skills 

 We have always appreciated Tony Robbin's definition of coaching:


"A coach is someone professionally trained to help you maximize your full potential and reach your desired results. They are like a supportive friend and a trusted adviser rolled into one. They’re someone who will push you to identify your goals, hold you accountable and provide encouragement throughout your journey to become a better version of yourself."

At BauerHouse, our coaches do this, and more. We incorporate timeless leadership concepts into the coaching practice to develop and support world class leaders and high performing teams. 

This level of coaching is for Experienced Leaders:

  • With 3+ years of leadership experience

  • In the following positions: Director, VP, Integrator, Controller, COO, CMO, CFO, President

  • With influence in a multi-million $ organization 

  • Seeking professional and personal growth

Coaching will elevate key leaders to serve on senior and executive leadership teams. 

All engagements begin with executive leadership or HR to identify the organization's values and leadership goals. We will then align the coaching goals to serve the coachee and the business in the most effective way possible. 

The Coaching Framework


1. Leadership Assessment:

Our coaching process begins with a thorough assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. Understanding your core competencies will serve as a foundation for setting growth goals and building strategies for improvement.


2. Vision Setting:

Together with our executive coach, you will craft a clear and compelling vision for your professional journey. This vision will serve as a guiding light, motivating your actions and decisions towards your desired outcomes.


3. Strategy Development:

Identifying the path to success requires strategic planning. Our executive coach will collaborate with you to develop effective strategies that align with your vision and capitalize on your strengths. These strategies will encompass various aspects, including leadership, team collaboration, stakeholder engagement, and more.


4. Problem Isolation:

Navigating challenges is an inherent part of leadership. Through focused discussions, our coach will help you pinpoint the challenges you face in your career. This process of isolation and analysis will lead to the creation of targeted solutions and action plans.


5. Stakeholder Navigation:

Leadership does not occur in isolation. Our coaching strategy recognizes the importance of navigating the landscape of interactions with your team, executive leadership, and external parties. By providing guidance on effective communication, relationship-building, and alignment of goals, our coach will empower you to navigate these dynamics successfully.


6. Leadership Effectiveness:

As a leader, continuous improvement is essential. Our executive coach will equip you with a toolbox of skills, techniques, and insights to enhance your leadership capabilities. This will include communication skills, emotional intelligence, decision-making strategies, and more.


7. Work-Life Integration:

True success transcends the boundaries of business. Our coaching approach emphasizes achieving excellence both in your professional and personal life. By fostering a balanced approach, you will gain the freedom to become your best in business and in life.

We ask that you schedule a consultation call to discuss your organizational needs for coaching before we engage.

client testimonial

“Working with Elizabeth has changed my life. Her ability to get to your core and really make you understand yourself better and what you need to improve and a human and a leader is mind boggling. I can’t imagine a future where I’m not working with her.” 


~VP Supply Chain 

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