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Coaching for Financial Leaders

Every great team should have a strong financial leader who can confidently contribute to growth.


We teach controllers and accounting managers in mid-market businesses how to think and lead like a CFO. 

We believe that excellent financial leaders can:

  • Provide simple and actionable analysis of future opportunities

  • Create budgets and forecast that are understood by all

  • Present data to internal and external parties

  • Be advocates for growth

  • Contribute to a high performing leadership team

Becoming a Financial Leader

Great financial leaders are able to easily tell stories that make the financial statements and results relatable and clear to all. The financial statements are highly motivating tools in well led organizations. 


The key differentiator for a strong financial leader or a CFO, is a focus on the future and the ability to communicate simply


They are able to look at historical data, perform analysis and make recommendations to leadership that guide the company to its goals. 


Can a Controller learn how to lead like a CFO?  




CFO’s are not made purely by time on the job, advanced collegiate education, or fancy certifications. 


We believe that the primary driver for a great CFO is actually seeing a CFO in practice. 


Midsized businesses often grow into needing a CFO. They don’t have a hierarchy that paves the way. So the controller or accounting manager never sees the work of a CFO. 

BauerHouse Coaching fills this gap by introducing controllers to expert CFO practices over the course of 8 weeks. 


We teach Controllers to become influential financial leaders in midsized businesses.  


We do this by:


  • Providing 1:1 coaching for 8 weeks

  • Clearly illustrating the differences in Controller vs. CFO daily practices 

  • Defining the strategic mindset of a CFO

  • Using your financials to create forecasts and analysis 

  • Teaching presentation skills

  • Teaching technical knowledge gaps 

  • Situational coaching- aka- "how would a CFO handle this?"


This program is designed specifically for businesses with a high functioning executive leadership team earning $3-$50M in annual revenue. We work with Controllers, experienced Accounting Managers and EOS Integrators.


Prior to commitment to the program, we will provide an assessment to determine appropriate development goals for the potential coachee. 

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