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Health Coaching

In addition to life coaching, I hold certifications in Nutrition Coaching, Fitness, and Embodied Transformation. I am deeply passionate about  sustainable wellness and the mind-body connection. I believe that the body is an outward reflection of the mind. Many of my students and coaching clients see value in exploring the impact our health has on our minds and our lives.  


Why is Healthy So Hard?


It is incredibly challenging to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle in the modern world. "Normal" is killing us slowly. "Normal'' is nightly wine, cheat meals, and punishing workouts that simply do not produce results. If "normal' worked everyone would be fit and confident. I don't want to be normal. I want to be healthy while on the path to 100 yrs of age. 

To do this you have to make choices that others won't understand.

I can teach you the tools to stand confidently in your choices. I am your educator and ally. Healthy is very hard to sustain for a lifetime when you feel alone. 


I will teach you how to manage your mind and make health a sustainable lifelong habit. When our bodies function well, we free our mind to focus on the rest of our lives. 


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