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Are we working from home or not?

The remote work conundrum

For every article or study I find that purports remote work to produce better results I see a counter argument that is equally well researched and supported.

So when leaders ask me for the truth, I say it depends on who you ask.

Why do 2 antagonistic positions on remote work exist.

“Your eyes see what your brain is looking for.”

If you believe that people are wasting time at home then you will find this evidence.

If you think people kick ass in their pajamas then you will find that evidence as well.

It’s like googling for a medical diagnosis. On the same day I can be perfectly healthy and also suffering from a terminal disease. So says Dr. Google.

This is particularly true if you have no baseline data on efficiency to compare the current experience to. I repeat—you must have data.

Most of us don’t have data. We just have a gut feeling.

So how do we address the need for high productivity in a

confusing environment??

Create a culture around productivity and results and you will experience that at home and in the office.

If you don’t have a producitvity culture, people will underperform at home and in the office.