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Being Ok Is Good Enough

I am ok right now.

I say this to myself often. Why?

Because I sometimes fall into the trap of believing that the sky is falling. That missed sale, my crying child, the dirty house, the negative bank balance, war, and inflation are all indications of my failures

And world is indeed falling apart.

But, I am ok right now.

In this moment I am well, fed, safe, sheltered, and I have the power to control my feelings.

This simple act is a mindfulness practice. I am in the present moment and I can (albeit temporarily) let go of the past and the future.

When I do this throughout the day and revel in I am ok right now, I realize that I am ok, more often than not.

Presence is powerful. It makes us better parents, leaders, partners, and people. Better for others and most importantly, better for ourselves.

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