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Can We Quit Now?

When is it ok to bail on a strategy or goal?

It’s very hard to stick with something when we are not receiving positive feedback.


On a diet…..not losing weight. Desire to quit.

Trying to sell a new offering… sales. Desire to change the offer.

Working on a marriage… intimacy. Desire to stop.

In the context of leadership:

Trying to create accountability….loads of empty promises and disappointment.

Trying to improve culture……toxic complaining.

Trying to increase profitability……no change to the bottom line.

How do you know when to quit and when to stay the course??

These are questions my clients bring to me. We typically look at this a few ways.

1. Are you really trying? Or just saying that you are?

2. Are you being very clear? Have you created a compelling vision?

3. How committed are you this specific outcome?

When we dig into these questions, a wellspring of ideas come forth. I challenge and probe. I get into the dark crevices.

The answer usually becomes clear and leaders can take action from a place of confidence.

Notice—these questions apply to our personal and business issues equally. Mastering these tools makes everything feel better.

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