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Coaching Pet Peeve....

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

[Stop trying to be liked by everybody…you don’t even like everybody!!]


There is a fine line between being professional (or just a socially decent human) and being phony.

And I have zero tolerance for being phony.

Many people don’t really see the extent that they are being fake, watered down, and boring just to fit in and play the game of life.

Case in point:

How was your weekend?? Oh it was good, really good.

Oh, thanks for that detail.


Tell me something real!!!! Where the hell am I supposed to go after good, really good???

The truth is that we actually don’t know how to be real in most social situations. We play safe. We don’t establish real connections.

This is why we feel lonely and isolated. This is the heart of the loneliness epidemic. We don’t know how to connect.

By trying to fit in, we don’t find our people.

I can help. There’s a few mindset shifts that need to happen to allow you to really show your true self and engage in the world.

When we make these shifts the world opens up in incredible ways. Friendships arise everywhere.

And here’s a little spoiler……***executive leaders should have real friendships at work. This isn’t mainstream advice. But how is mainstream working for you???

I can help you shift your mindset to experience genuine connection, community, and a feeling of belonging.

This is one of many possibilities when you coach with me.

Schedule a quick call to learn more about how coaching works. I love to talk to new people and hear what’s on your mind.

Email me to request a call:

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