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Decisions Feel So Good

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Making a decision feels so good. It lifts heavy weight from our shoulders. We are flooded with relief and joy. It's an amazing feeling.

It's so much more amazing than the hard work that follows.

And when the work gets uncomfortable we often give up. We say things like....that wasn't a great decision. It just doesn't make sense. I can't give my all to this right now. We quit on ourselves.

I'm here to tell you results have NOTHING TO DO WITH WILLPOWER. It also has nothing to do with whatever excuses you create along the way. Sorry, not sorry.

Results have everything to do with the quality of your decision making process. A great decision making process is not going with your gut, ruminating, asking others for opinions, or flipping a coin.

The phrase 'any decisions is better than no decision isn't really my jam.' And I've learned that I can't always just trust my gut or my brain. Your brain is trying to keep you safe. And thinking your way into a decision rarely works.

What does work?

Fully integrating your mind and body into the decision making process.

Having a coach to guide you through visualization, analysis, and planning.

Setting aside drama and old stories

Identifying and communicating with your real 'stake holders'.

These things make for strong high quality decisions.

If you want help making a big decision, book a discovery session with me.

In happiness & health,


Just a really fun picture from my son's halloween themed b-day party a couple years ago.

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