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Depression, Serotonin, and Coaching Tools that Help

A new scientific review, that addresses the relationship between serotonin and depression, was released this month. The review found that there was no evidence to link depression to low serotonin levels in the body.

This is very interesting because most anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medication functions by increasing levels of serotonin. SSRI’s have been the gold standard for treatment for many decades.

Previous studies have indicated that these medications provide a measurable relief to about 50% of people.

I actually find this data very helpful.

I have managed my anxiety and depression for my entire adult life. I have used medications, natural supplements, exercise, diet and extensive therapy for 20 years. I was definitely in the 50% that did not feel better.

7 years ago I engaged a life coach, because nothing was working.

This coach helped me to understand that I have the power to create and control my emotions.


We are often told that emotions just happen. Just like chemical imbalances just happen. And if medication and therapy don’t work, then you just have to manage the symptoms.

Options for managing the symptoms are very limited, in my opinion. Cognitive behavioral therapy is top of the list for me. But only when coupled with a deep understanding of how your thoughts create you emotions.

This work led me to embrace the concept of intentional thought creation. It’s a powerful method of managing my anxiety and depression.

I teach this as a fundamental component in my coaching. I teach this to executives, employees, students, and basically every human willing to listen…whether you have depression or anxiety or not. The model applies to every brain.

If you are interested in exploring this type of coaching with me, please visit:

You can schedule a free consultation or just sign up today. Life coaching is available for you now.

P.S. I am a certified coach. I am *not* a medical doctor, psychologist, or therapist. Treatment of mental conditions should be handled by a medical professional. These tools are not meant to replace care when needed.

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