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High Horses and Life Lessons

I draw a lot of parallels to life when talking about leadership. This is very intentional.

Why? I believe that the humanity has been leeched out of work and leadership for way too long.

So much so, that when an employer gives bereavement leave or time off to care for a sick child we celebrate it as a rare gift.

I mean…I’m all over here thinking what in the actual fuck??? This should just be normal.

But it isn’t.

So I am putting the people back into work. Not by building complex HR policies, but by starting with the basics.

Every time I teach a concept to a client I bring it back to a personal example.

Client: My team has been told how to handle this customer service issue 10 times and they keep messing it up.

Coach: Oh…like when your kids haven’t cleaned their room after your 14th announcement from the bottom of the stairs.

Client: Yes!!!!!! Exactly like that!!!!!

Coach: Good. This is a problem we can solve. You already have the tools.

Get up there, look them in the eyes. Tell them you expectations. Give them an example. Help. Check in. Say thank you. Also- set an example with how **you** handle this type of issue.

Oh-- and how you handle the conversation with them is exactly how they will act.

Notice how I needed zero differentiation for how we handle home and work issues???

Yep. Yell at your kids and they yell too.

Demand engagement from a high horse and you get apathy.

We overcomplicate work. We demand things like engagement and accountability, measured in KPI’s and disciplined with PIP’s.

Get back to the basics. Use your innate human skills to be an excellent leader.

This is how we coach. You’ll find that aligning your leadership style to your humanity will result in improvements in every area of your life. It’s about consistency.

If this sounds intriguing, Experienced Leaders may register for 1:1 Coaching with me. There are currently 4 open spots that will start in October.

Learn more and register today at

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