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How to make tough decisions

It's not always a "win-win"

Leaders make decisions every day. While some are retractable and barely raise our blood pressure, some have significant consequences.

How do we balance the decision that is best for the company with what is best for those impacted?

An example may be closing a location to improve the overall financial health of the business.

Or eliminating a department to deploy a new technology?

Choosing one health benefit package over another.

In the course of a year, most leaders make hundreds of decisions like this.

And some people lose.

So how do we make these decisions?

Personally, the age old corporate line “I did what was best for the company’’ doesn’t work for me.

That’s not enough.

I get it on paper. I can see the spreadsheets and the math and the long term result.

It’s somewhat like teaching our children. The lesson sucks in the moment.

There isn’t a good way to rationalize out of the pain. The pain is real. Let’s not minimize it.

But here’s what helps me.

I believe that people are capable, strong and resilient. My job is to make thoughtful and intentional decisions in the most transparent and loving way possible.

Then, I choose to think the very best of people. I choose to believe that people can and will succeed and thrive even when it’s hard.

Alternatively, if I pity others and believe in doom and failure I simply cannot go on.

It requires faith and love to believe that people are ultimately capable. But that is the same belief that allowed me to hire people, promote them, challenge and trust them from beginning to end.

Why would I allow my belief to fail when it matters most???

Make decisions. Believe in people.

Our leadership development programs explore the complexities of strategic decision making.

If you, or a leader on your team is ready for a challenging and meaningful professional development program, please reach out to learn more about BauerHouse 1:1 Coaching.

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