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I don’t know if I’m in the ‘right’ company

I love this topic. I love it because I have felt this inquiry so very deeply myself.

It creeps up over time. It starts with disagreements with executive leadership about strategy. Then morphs into philosophical quarrels over values.

And finally, we begin to question this whole ‘business’ gig entirely.

Maybe I should be an artist, a park ranger, or start a non-profit.

Yep. I see a good old fashioned existential crisis from a mile away.

Well, put away your tarot cards and listen up.

There’s a decent chance you are creating this divide subconsciously and making everything unnecessarily hard.

But why would we do that???

The brain is a tricky place.

A desire to be truly seen, fear of success, trust issues brewed in childhood, etc. etc.

All of these (and many more) reasons can result in behaviors that make you question your purpose and place.

But what if you could identify your deepest desires and then turn those into a leadership superpower?

We can do that together.

It's surprising to many when they discover that a fervent disagreement over a revenue strategy is actually rooted in a childhood experience or a dysfunctional relationships with money.