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Ignorance is bliss, but experience is power

As we age we become more resistant to change. New things are scary. The downside seems so, well, down.

I used to think that startups, new careers, new skills, and new relationships are best suited for those a decade or two younger than I am. Ignorance is bliss. They just don’t know how hard and risky new shit is!!

But did you know that the average age of a startup founder is 45? I pulled a few studies and some say as young as 34. But that’s a far cry from popular belief that all entrepreneurs are born in college dorm rooms.

There are many good reasons to tackle a new venture, skill, or experience in your 40’s and beyond.

If fear, due to lack of experience, is holding you back, consider this:

Most things are not entirely new.

You have tons of experience. At life.

You may not speak French today or know how to file for an LLC, but everything you have experienced this point has given you knowledge about navigating new situations.

What are you excellent at? Bring that skill along and use it as leverage.

I’ll sign off with this golden nugget..… Ignorance is bliss. But experience is power.

Go do the new thing!!!

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