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It's about doing...not just knowing

“Be as you wish to seem.” ~Socrates

This is coaching advice I give all of my clients. Why? This is mindfulness in action.

Coaching seeks to close the gap between knowing and doing.

For example, many leaders want to be empowering. They want to see their team take the lead and solve issues.

But what happens in practice is that the leader jumps in, talks too much, and steals the show.

I get it. This behavior has been successful in the past. You are smart, you know the quick answers, you want to help.

But to be an empowering leader and see your business scale, you have to act on what you know….not what you have done in the past.

You must ask questions, hold space, allow failure.

So before my clients go into meetings I often ask them to write down on a post it how they want to be perceived.

Use this as a visual reminder to act accordingly.

It’s a simple way to train your brain.

It’s these simple acts that help us to become the leaders we wish to be.

We lead through thought, action, and results.

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