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It's Time To Shake Up Your Life

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

The status quo isn't cutting it anymore and you know it.

There are definitely seasons within our lives. Especially for parents whose lives are shaped by the needs of ever changing children. Looking back I remember when I felt like I was giving 100% of my physical and mental energy to my kids and my home. I don't know how I had any gas left for working a full time career, but somehow it all came together. Those years were all about survival.

I didn't have big dreams. I didn't really ponder my potential. Not much navel gazing those years. I wanted to earn a decent paycheck and not fuck up my kids. That's all I could hold space for.

But seasons change. As the kids got older I didn't feel quite so exhausted. But the exhaustion was replaced with this nagging sense that I should be doing more with my talent. And oh boy, I'm 40. I'm running out of time.

I know you relate. There's a constant tug of war between choosing yourself and your family. Going back to school, taking a role that requires travel or evening happy hours, spending money and time on your health, basically claiming space for your own growth and benefit.

And just when you think you can commit, you have a week from hell. A vomitting 10 year old, a 14 year trying to date (what???!!?), a 5 year old that needs to change schools suddenly, a parent that needs to be cared for, all the family things that are hard. And it seems like you will never be able to truly dedicate time to yourself.

I know that deciding (and following through) on things that change the status quo is HARD. Many of you really want to make a commitment. But you can't believe in it 100%, so you feel stuck and possibly resentful. Did you know that resentment is the leading indicator of divorce??

Personally, it's not helpful to hear: "Your kids are better off when you let them figure things out'' or ''you can't give to the others unless you fill your own cup.''

These things are true. 100% true. But, hearing Instagram advice doesn't close the gap between what I want and what I do.

Coaching is aimed at closing the gap. When you are ready to explore your thoughts about shaking up the status quo, I can help. It's not magic.

It works like this:

  1. I really get to know you. Birth to today. You tell me all the things.

  2. I ask you provocative, hard questions about what you want, what