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Joe Bob’s School of Management

At some point, every company I have worked with has sought out a leadership training and development program. They recognized that plunking great doers into leadership roles with no training rarely worked.

We sent people to all kinds of training. Expensive, cheap, retreats, self-paced, Harvard approved, and Joe Bob’s School of Management approved.

Every course had a little bit of useful information. But mostly, they were just meh.

No one left these trainings and thought…damn…I am ready to lead people!!


So I created something that really works.

BauerHouse Coaching offers a of hybrid teaching and coaching that is personalized to your company values, objectives, and the individual strengths of your leaders.

Here’s how we approach leadership development:

1. Assess the current situation. We provide a DISC assessment, 360 team feedback, and a 1:1 interview with the coachee. We really get to know people.

2. We develop learning objectives based on this data

3. We use BauerHouse training modules, relevant leadership literature, and timeless business concepts to fill the technical gaps.

4. We coach using real situations that are happening in your business. We evaluate actual experiences to see how the technical knowledge is being applied and where we need to focus more. There’s homework.

5. Through 1:1 coaching we also address the personal stressors that can impact how we show up as leaders. This is the most impactful work we do. We see whole people.

Coaching and teaching matures with you. As you reach a new level of responsibility, the coaching adapts real time. You level up. All while balancing the demands of families and our personal needs.

What it looks like:

· Access to training materials and videos

· Two 1:1 virtual sessions per month

· Flexible timelines

To discuss coaching for yourself, a single leader, or a team, email me to set up call.

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