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Just be yourself........everywhere, all the time

If you read my material regularly you know that I write about life and leadership 50/50.

This is purposeful.

There is no difference in who we are as a leader at work and who we are in our personal lives.

If you create a different persona at work, you are not performing and living as your highest self.

You are hiding your best assets and it doesn't feel good. This is a road to burnout.

Many people will bristle at this concept.

You believe that you can’t be funny, loving, and vulnerable as a leader. You also believe that you can’t be a leader, set goals, and hold people accountable at home.

This is because you are trying to live and operate on 2 extremes of a spectrum.

Your authentic self resides somewhere near the middle of the spectrum.

This is the person that can be genuine, transparent, firm and likeable in all aspects of life.

But we don’t believe that can be true. It almost seems to easy. And we don’t see it modelled often.

We have been conditioned to wear our work hat at work, and remove it when we get home. We have to be ‘more’ or ‘less’ of ourselves to be successful.

I know that you can be exactly yourself and be successful. And everyone wants it.