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Just say no to chameleons

Conventional leadership practices that I often get preachy about

As leadership evolves into the modern era there are a few practices and beliefs that are hard for people to let go of.

I’d like to first acknowledge that these practices had a place in the 1900’s and into the early 2000’s.

But advancements in human and organizational pychology have shown us new and better ways to lead.

So here’s where I have a beef:

1. Be a chameleon

2. No friends at work

3. Stay out of the weeds

4. You must have the answers

I will break these down this week. Let’s start with #1.

What does it mean to be a chameleon at work?

Chameleons become whoever they need to be to suit the current audience. They adopt very different styles in the board room and the break room.

People within organizations will describe the chameleon as being ‘like me.’

Whats wrong with this?

No one knows who you are!! This is important because leaders create psychological safety when they are consistent and authentic. People need to know who you really are.

Consistency is critical.

Consistency says” I know exactly who I am and how I am valuable.

Consistency requires that you know yourself deeply and develop your executive presence intentionally. It must be in alignment with who you are personally.

Knowing yourself and showing up consistently also creates internal harmony. Our jobs are much less stressful when we don’t have to ‘act.’

This is incredibly freeing.

Presence is an art and is something I spend a lot of time on with my clients through visualization exercises and commitment practices. It’s where we start all of our coaching engagements.

Being yourself. A win-win for everyone.

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