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Just Start. It's Okay. Really.

Have you ever felt deep inside that now, today, this moment is the time to start something new? It’s such a strong drive that waiting another second is just out of the question?

Maybe you read a book that inspired you to lead in a new way. Perhaps you want to become a gentle parent. Or maybe you know that you must stop drinking to live your best life.

But you don’t start.

You don’t start because you are afraid that other people will think you are acting impulsively, that it’s a phase, or that it’s weird.

So you stay exactly where you are. And the motivation fades. But your dissatisfaction grows.

I completely understand. It’s normal, but it isn’t what’s best for you.

I help people make the leap. I help you to be okay with whatever the result is.

So what if you tried to stop drinking and you had to try again, and again, and again??

That’s also normal, but taking action consistently puts you in the driver’s seat of your own life.

Each time you stumble or change your strategy, you learn and grow. It feels so good to see yourself changing over a lifetime of attempts.

So who cares what other people think????

This is your one and only life.

So just start. It’s ok. Or put more eloquently, by Bob Dylan, “don’t think twice, it’s alright.”

It’s better than alright…’s amazing.

In happiness & health,


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