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Leadership is a full contact sport


When I coach my clients we examine everything in their lives. EVERYTHING.


Relationships, parenting, money, intimacy, health, and career.


Why? Because you are one person. With one brain, one heart, and one body.


My leadership and executive clients are sometimes surprised that we talk about dating, exercise, church, and spending. But here’s the scoop…


The behaviors we bring to work are a direct reflection of our experiences in the rest of our lives.


If we feel insecure in our marriage, we are insecure in the boardroom. You may do a great job at compensating, but the mind and body don’t lie.


If we hate our bodies, that takes up mental and emotional capacity that could be used building a business or training a team.


If we are struggling with parenting a difficult child, we may try to control our employees and by micro managing, which is really displaced parenting.


If we have anxiety about our retirement savings we come to work with a scarcity mindset. We feel taken advantage of. We don’t give 100% because we aren’t secure.


Have you ever walked into work choking back tears because your kids were falling apart in the car and you lost your shit on them before sending them into school so you could get to your meeting. 5 minutes late, like always.


Have you ignored 10 texts from a fuming, hurt spouse because you left for work in the middle of an argument?


If yes (and I’m pretty sure it’s a yes) then you can see how our entire life seeps into all the crevices we try so desperately to protect.


We can talk about what's really going on. We can get to the root of recurring behaviors and become high performing leaders, spouses, parents and citizens.


If you want to do big things, get your house in order.


This is where leadership and life intersect.


Schedule a consultation today to learn how 1:1 sponsored coaching works for new leaders, experienced leaders and executives.


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