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Messing up at work

When I was going through a divorce about 10 years ago I totally shit the bed at work.

Sorry for the harshness, but there’s really no other way to state it.

But ’m no longer embarrassed or mad at myself. I now have a good understanding of how we (via our brains) cannot create a separation between work and home, particularly when emotions are running rampant.

It’s 100% impossible to shut down half of your brain… matter how good you may think you are at doing it. I’ll call your bluff every time.

**So here’s my question of the day***

How many people work on your team? How many of those people are experiencing something very challenging at home?

I bet you had to think about this one. Did you try to remember something someone said or guess who might be a little ‘unstable?”

You don’t have to think that hard.

The answer is EVERYONE.

Everyone is experiencing something very challenging at home and it is impacting their performance at work. This happens every single day.

So if it’s so ubiquitous, why should we care?

Because modern leadership requires us to consider our employees as whole people. We must support the entire person or they will burn out and leave, or worse…..burnout and stay.

Coaching is one of many excellent solutions to embracing holistic leadership and mental health at work.

A trained and certified coach can support employees on a wide variety of topics both personal and professional.