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My Money Story

Last week I wrote about abundance vs. scarcity mindsets in leadership. Today I’m diving more into how we most often think of abundance and scarcity….money.

Money is a powerful and very taboo topic that gets our brains all kinds of twisted.

Here’s a peak into my money story.

I grew up in rural Tennessee. We had a nice house that my father built but we never ever had money. No savings, no healthcare, no security. We were always one car repair away from ruin.

I was 16 before I saw a dentist, but I had a little sports car at 17. We often didn’t have lunch money but we always had a fridge full of beer. There were definitely some mixed up priorities.

I hustled my way through high school and college with 1 goal: get a good job that would pay me a decent salary, benefits, and 401k. I had zero thoughts about passion, wealth, or joy.

I just wanted safety.

So I became an accountant. It was perfect. I had all the things I needed. I parlayed my accounting skills into business leadership and my salary rose over the next couple decades. I was checking all the boxes.

But my money story was much more complicated.

I was scared all the time. I was terrified it would all just go away. Certainly this six figure life was a fluke. Certainly I would lose it all.

So I feared spending. I played small and safe. I watched my budget and scorned anything that seemed lavish. As a result I honestly wasn’t having much fun. I was missing out on many experiences and making my life unnecessarily hard.

I also had a huge setback when my ex-husband made a lot of money disappear. That’s another story;-)

But in just the past few years I’ve started to see money differently.

I now see it as renewable. Infinite even.