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My Team is Nothing Like Me

C Suite leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners are typically open to risk and crave autonomy. This is what makes them excellent in these roles.

However, the leadership teams that work with and for them are usually comprised of more conversative and collaborative people.

This is a good thing. It’s called balance. It’s how great teams thrive.

But it still causes much discord.

We really want to see ourselves in our team. We want people to approach work exactly as we do.

I coach my clients on this often.

It’s prompted by language such as “they should” or “why can’t they just...”

This is a sign we are projecting our strengths onto others.

I help leaders to rise above this behavior that is, well, immature.

We do this using the BauerHouse model:

1. Self

2. Others

3. Results

Everything we do can be filtered through these 3 lenses. It’s how we get from where we are today to what we really want.

In coaching, we identify where we are projecting ourselves onto others. For a leader, this is critical. If we cannot embrace the strengths others offer we will not lead a high performing team.

To learn more about 1:1 or team coaching, please schedule a consultation.

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