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Not Your Dad's Leadership

Holistic Leadership Coaching at BauerHouse

Leadership coaching designed for exactly where you are in your leadership journey.

Everyone takes a seat at the table with different strengths, experience, and goals. Personalized leadership coaching is a highly effective way to laser focus on your needs and leverage your strengths.

Leadership looks very different in 2022. And that’s a good thing. But if you aren’t modelling the past, how do you define it for yourself? And how do you successfully align your values with those of the business you are responsible for leading?

You don’t need to read 300 books, get an MBA, and painfully fail your way to successful leadership. A coach can shrink the learning curve, focus your efforts, improve your confidence and presence, and help you to achieve immediate, measurable results.

I coach leaders at every level.

Emerging Leaders

Being a new leader is daunting. Managing people, budgets, and deliverables is very different from being an individual contributor. Coaching focuses on fundamentals of finance, delegation, time management, communication, and work life balance.

Executive Leaders

Building on the principles of Emerging Leadership, Executive leadership requires a macro view of business and the ability to develop others. Coaching focuses taking greater responsibility for the business objectives, developing strategy, and coaching others.

Founders & Visionaries

Founders and Visionaries sit in a unique seat. Their leadership style sets the tone for the entire company. Elevating into this role requires the leader to trust the team, focus on the most important elements, and hold the long term vision. Transitioning to this level is required for scaling, succession, and sustainability. It can be challenging and emotional. Coaching supports the leader in all elements of life and business.

Parental Leave Coaching

Yes. This is a thing. I’ve had 3 maternity leaves over the course of my career. These transitions had an enormous impact on my leadership style and career progression. Coaching is focused on designing a leave that works for you and mindfully re-engaging post leave. Everything changes when you become a parent. Take control over your experience.

All of my coaching is anchored in the belief that the best leaders are empathetic, self-aware, vulnerable, and lifelong learners who show up authentically in all aspects of their lives. This is holistic leadership. We don’t put our “boss face” on at 9am.

Coaching is an investment in yourself, your best people, and your business.

To discuss a 6 month coaching relationship for yourself or a team please schedule a call with me.

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