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People Are Leaving Because of You

The expectations for leadership are changing. But leadership hasn’t responded.

How do I know this?

Because people (especially young people) are leaving their jobs and leaders aren’t taking responsibility for it.

“millennials just desire change” “the world is changing” “technology is changing the way we work”

All these are true. ***But none are the root cause of the mass exodus.**

The root cause is that we need to fundamentally shift the role and expectations of leadership. Leaders should be actively building a business culture to meet the needs of the new workforce, not just bracing for the inevitably that people leave.

You may be saying, sure…yeah….I get it. We know.

You know….but your aren’t doing the right things to make change. You are implementing programs that merely bandage a broken system.

So how do you do you make the right kinds of changes?

You invest in the youngest leaders in your business and let them lead the way. Let them build the culture that matches the needs of the people.

When this happens, the results will follow. Happy, secure, and empowered people work hard for results. They also stick around.

Don’t know where to start? Of course you don’t. Most businesses are led by a generation that built a business for a world that does not exist anymore.

We appreciate every investment you made. But now it’s time to adapt.

BauerHouse coaching trains and coaches leaders that have influence and impact on the world today.

Our programs are modern, agile, people and research based. We take leadership seriously, but in a really fun way. We see leaders as they are today and for who they can become.

“Businesses are just people who choose to make money together. So let’s focus on the people.”

email me to discuss coaching for yourself, a leader or a team:

BauerHouse Coaching. Life Coaching for Leaders.

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