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So What????

We all have expectations for how we want others to act. Especially at at work.

We expect patience, accountability, good humor, quick decisions, collaboration, professionalism, respect, creativity, etc.

It’s a pretty long list and everyone has their favorite hang up.

I call it a hang up because we get stuck when someone on our team is failing at our favorite expectation.

We can’t see a path forward due to our keen disillusionment with their shortcoming.

We focus on how they need to change.

We can’t see how this person may be successful with their own style, processes, and quirks.

Sometimes my clients get frustrated when I finally ask

“So What???!!”

So what if this person makes slow decisions, wants lots of feedback, struggles with numbers, talks “too much” or isn’t always accountable.

So what???

What does that mean for the team? What does that mean for you? What does it really mean?

When we get down to brass tacks, I find that they want people to be near perfect.

We want unicorns.

Why?? Because it’s harder to work with imperfect people.

When people aren’t perfect,

we have work harder at being a leader.

I ask “so what” in love. I ask as a way to challenge their thoughts and help them to learn how they can show up stronger in the relationship.

Try it out. See how you can answer the question [So What?] with creativity, curiosity and leadership.

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