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Tend to your own house first

When you take on a leadership role it’s critical that you are able to truly focus on the wellbeing of others.

To effectively do this, leaders must consistently address his/her own personal issues.

I’m not saying leaders need to be perfect, quite the contrary. But any drama that you have in your head will show up in the way you lead.

If you are overwhelmed by your kids, resentful of your spouse, over drinking daily, or in a financial crisis you will bring that energy to your work.

It will distract you from leading well and your drama will seep into the culture.

Ok—so how do you get to work on your own issues?

1. Be real about what’s bothering you

2. Can you decipher what’s actionable and what is a story or an unhelpful thought?

3. Create an action list for things within your control- and create accountability for them.

4. Drop the stories.

This is simple only on paper.

It’s very hard to decipher what’s real and what’s a story in our heads. And if accountability were easy—we’d have very few issues.

This is what coaches help you do. Get real…and get to work.

Breakdowns lead to breakthroughs.

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