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The Emerge Coaching Program - For Parenting

Yesterday my 10 year old son called me from the bus asking if I would pick up from the bus stop (it's 1mile from our house).

I said no.

It's windy and cold but I still said no. Why? I must be a terrible mother.

Nope. Here's the back story.

For 4 years I have driven to the bus stop at 3pm to pick him up. 2 months ago my son and I had a conversation about why he should start walking home from the bus stop.

We agreed on these key reasons:

  1. Walking is good for his body

  2. The 15 minute walk is good for clearing his mind

  3. It allows me to focus on my workday for a little longer each day

So even though we agreed to these reasons and the new plan, every day for 2 months he has called me to come get him. He's very persistent.

This child of mine is very feisty. He's one of 4 boys in our house and he struggles to find his place. We have a lot of emotional conversations. Like a lot.

In the past I have been scared to hold my ground with him. I give in because I fear his wrath.

Most parents can relate at some time or another.

But over the past year I have been applying my coaching strategies to my parenting habits.

Here's how yesterdays call went.

M- Come get me. My legs are tired and I have baseball practice tonight.

Me- A little walk may be good for your legs then.