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The gift of sight

Many years ago I went on a trip with friends to northern California. We were back at our hotel when Emmy snapped this picture of me.

She was across the deck with a smile on her face. I was in the hot tub. Magazine in hand. Completely relaxed.

I smiled back at her. She gifted me the framed picture a couple months later.

I asked her what made her take the picture.

She said “I wanted you to see yourself the way I see you.” That has stuck with for a long time. I think of it nearly every day.

It was a reminder that we don’t really see ourselves the way others do. Other people see our beauty and uniqueness.

It’s a gift for others to share that insight with us. I take this belief with me to my coaching sessions and 1:1’s.

I’m giving a gift.

The gift of sight. Belief. Hope. Love.

May you live and lead well,


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