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The Power of Belief

When presented with a big opportunity, most people spend a lot of energy planning for failure.

We run through worst cases and we try to anticipate all the ways things could go wrong.

We do this to ensure that things won’t go south.

Well that’s kind of dumb.

Ok, ok….that’s harsh.

Planning for failures makes some sense. But I think that it should only be about 20% of your planning process.

The remaining 80% should be planning for the possibility of being wildly successful.

Why focus most of your attention on success?

Because energy flows where attention goes. Thank you Tony Robbins.

If you place your attention on what won’t work…..things inevitably won’t work. You can’t possibly be 100% all in on success and taking massive action if you are actively just trying to avoid failure.

Go all in on possibility. Belief is the most powerful contributor to success. Belief will seep into every action that you take.

Believe that you will make money, believe that your kids will do the right thing, believe that you can acquire that business, believe that you can be healthy.

Believe it, step into the possibility, feel the emotions of success before it even happens. This will create the results you want.

Contingencies are practical…..but figure them out and move on quickly. Always choose possibility.


P.S. I help my clients move out of negativity, catastrophe, and crisis and into belief that they can have everything they want in life. This shift creates better relationships, finances, businesses, and health.

Email me to learn about 1:1 Coaching for Life, Leadership & Everything in Between.

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”


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