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There's a Simple Method for Making Big Decisions

Yes- it will work for you.

Does your life feel like a perpetual merry go round of indecision?

Does it look like:

1. See new opportunity 2. Fret over decision 3. Make decision and feel amazing 4. Actually do nothing 5. Repeat.

I see you!!! And I understand. I know that it is causing you pain. Indecision is a very frustrating place to live.

Have you been stuck trying to decide to leave a relationship, change careers, have a child, move far away, call an estranged family member, spend money on something you ''think'' you really want?

Have you run multiple (ok- hundreds) of scenarios in your head but taken no action?

It's ok. It's normal. Sometimes we need help to make decisions and get results.

As a coach I help people make difficult decisions. How?

  1. We spend 2-3 sessions together in person or via zoom

  2. You tell me everything that is important

  3. We determine reality and identify stories/drama

  4. We use my Make a Decision Now method to visualize, analyze, plan, and decide

  5. We plan for the obstacles (both real and the ones we create in our minds)

  6. We role play the outcomes

  7. You get to work and get real results on your decisions

I create the model and the space for you to work through your fears, excitement, and emotions. You make the decision.

For those of us who didn't get the decisive gene, this type of structure is critical. And doing it alone isn't as impactful as working with a coach. A coach helps you see what you are missing, can identify drama and stories, and will hold you accountable like a loving friend who takes no Sh*t.

What would it be like to FINALLY DECIDE AND SUCCEED?

Make that move, break out of a pattern & create what you really want.

To get started, book a no cost discovery call with me:

P.S. Decision making is a skill. With practice you get better at making great decisions. You can literally change your brain to become confident and decisive forever.

In Happiness and Health,


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