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Training is the EOS issue that is NEVER solved

Training is an EOS issue that shows up for every company, every year.

Tell me I’m wrong. I dare you.

I’ve been in countless annual EOS meetings where the root cause for a handful of really important issues is a lack of training.

· No consistent training

· People not doing the training

· No budget for training

· No one who likes doing training

· No time for training

You get the point. I’ve seen these on your lists. You can’t deny it.

So why is training a perpetual issue?

Let’s focus on leadership training …since that is my specialty.

1. Training isn’t an "issue"—it’s just something you always have to do

2. Traditional training does not work

Sorry for the curveball. But traditional training just doesn’t work. There's no endgame.

I’ve never left a training and thought…”Yep. I’m good. All trained up. Nothing more to do.”

Training is a constantly evolving part of every business. You'll never land at the perfect 10 hour training session.

What's the right approach?

The goal is to take leaders beyond learning into doing. To do this we have to customize the learning experience, time for practice, and a closed loop system for accountability

Coaching is the solution.

A leadership coach observes and assesses where leaders are currently at in their development. Coaching objectives are based on real situations and the specific goals of the company.

The BauerHouse program is an affordable leadership coaching program that occurs in 1 hour a week over several months.

We offer small groups for emerging leaders and 1:1 for experienced leaders.

The small group (3-5 leaders) exposes learners to a wide variety of experiences that provide real examples for stepping into leadership. The coach explores the issues that participants bring to the group and facilitates a solution that is grounded in the principals of Holistic Leadership.

Emerging Leadership Groups are kicking off this month.

Learn more or register at

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