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Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Get out of the weeds........

Most people spend the majority of their early career in the weeds.

We know everything…..about everything.

When we combine knowledge with perseverance, the world is our oyster. This is exactly how we get promoted into a leadership role.

So it feels a little strange to then be told “get out of the weeds” and “be more strategic.”

It not only feels strange, it is downright confusing.

I have yet to attend a training entitled “What exactly is strategic thinking??? “ But that’s what we are all thinking.

Strategic is a nebulous term and it’s often misinterpreted.

Merriam Webster offers this:

“Necessary to or important in the initiation, conduct, or completion of a strategic plan.”

Well, thanks for nothing.

Corporate life is full of circular references😉

A BauerHouse, we define strategic as: “An intentional plan of action that moves a team closer to the organization’s long term vision.”

The most important word in this definition is intentional.

Strategic thinking is intentional. It requires a leader to pause and consider the short and long term implications of an action. I would add that great strategic thinkers ask themselves: “Is this action addressing the real problem?”

We can demystify the word strategy by applying 3 simple questions to any action, schedule or project:

1. Is this aligned with the organizations long term goals? (you must know these!)

2. What are the short term implications of taking this action?

3. Am I addressing the real problem or real opportunity?

This process can be applied not only to individual issues and actions, but also your schedule.

Take a look at your calendar. Ask yourself these questions for every appointment and task on your calendar.

This is an example of a real coaching exercise we do with our clients. By applying the philosophical to the practical we make leadership concepts real and applicable.

If strategic thinking is an issue with the new leaders in your organization, the BauerHouse Leadership Development program may be right for your team.

Schedule a consultation with Elizabeth to learn more:

Already know you want to join? Use this link to register for Emerging Leaders:

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