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What Do You Want To Do?

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

If you’re asking me about paint colors, dinner choices, or corporate growth strategies….I’m all good. I can make a quick decision.

But when asked what I want to do with my free time I am often at a complete loss.

I’ve never been great at leisure or fun. I have been a ‘get stuff done’ kind of woman my whole life. And when there’s nothing left on my to do list, there’s always this body of mine that could use a little more exercise.

But I’m working on having more fun. I’ve been creating a list of things I’d like to do sometime.

And I’ve been asking myself 5 questions to spark a little fun:

1. If I were on vacation today, what would I do? Can I do that here? Right now?

2. What would I do right now if a fairy cleaned the house for me

while I was gone? Could I just do that anyways?

3. If I didn't need to work today, what would I do?

4. What would be fun for 30 minutes?

5. How am I blocking fun unnecessarily? I say no a lot.

What's interesting to me, is that sometimes we feel depressed or upset because we don't like the things we feel obligated to do. But we haven't actually created alternatives. So when free time arises.....we are bored and anxious.

Have you lost touch with what is fun?

What makes you laugh?

What do you want to do?

I help my clients to discover what fun looks like today. We discover new things, we allow joy and we create fun for ourselves.

If you want to learn more about twice monthly 1:1 coaching with me, schedule a call today.

In Happiness & Health,


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