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What does it mean to be an inspirational leader?

This makes me think of Ted Turner’s intention to set life goals that are not achievable in this lifetime.

Becoming an inspiration makes me think very big. I don’t know that you can check this one off as complete, ever. It feels expansive.

How might I compel others to work hard for a cause, love their families and live a life they deem as fulfilling?

To me, inspiration is NOT achieved through words, a vision, processes or team building.

It’s so much bigger than that.

To be inspirational people must see you living a purpose, enjoying life and helping others along their journey. Happy warrior comes to mind.

To inspire you just "are." Your life is the inspiration. It is the sum of all of your actions over many years. It’s how you move in the world. It’s the wake you create.

Through that lens, inspiration is a lifetime in the making. You are never done. And that’s a powerful challenge for executive leaders.

This fall, I will shift the way I offer executive coaching. Experienced executive leaders may work with me through Vistage.

Vistage is an elite international peer advisory group for presidents and CEO’s.

Years ago, I found inspiration in a Vistage group.

17 people and a powerful coach changed my life.

My Vistage group will begin forming in August. Final selections for membership will be made in the fall.

I am specifically seeking members from all generations who are male, female, BIPOC and can bring valuable diverse perspectives to an executive leadership table.

To learn more and to be considered for membership, please book a call with me:

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