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What is the ROI of Coaching?

When I launched my coaching business, it was important to show measurable ROI on the coaching investment. I am a business leader and CPA. I thrive on a good budget, KPI's and clear strategic initiatives.

But for many months, I could not draw a straight line to net income. Now, I'm comfortable stating that the impact is simply immeasurable....

in all the right ways.

I know that leaders are only as effectiveas their minds allow.

Coaching clients and their companies see effective strategies, transformation, employee retention, happy customers and higher net income.

In our coaching sessions, we bravely pull the thread on limiting beliefs, fears and personal issues that negatively affect leaders in business and in life.

Coaching is a necessity for leaders. Leaders carry much on their shoulders. They need a support system {external to family, friends and the business} who can provide a valuable and novel perspective.

If you’d like to work on the big issues with me, schedule a brief consultation to see if coaching can elevate your leadership game and change the way you lead and live.

“A coherent life is one lived in such a way that you can

clearly connect the dots between three things:

who you are, what you believe, what you are doing.”

~ Bill Burnett

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