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What to Do When a Good Employee is Struggling

If you lead a team, you know what I’m talking about. Sometimes good employees fall below the bar. If you ascribe to EOS, this is the GWC test. Get it, want it, capacity to do it.

So what do you do when you have a strong employee that you enjoy working with, but they are struggling with a critical component of the role or culture?

In my years as a leader most companies take one of the following approaches:

1. Terminate - “I just don’t have time for this”

2. Train, train, and train some more

3. Build complicated systems around them

4. Hope it gets better

None of these feel great. With the exception of termination, they all sometimes feel like putting off the inevitable.

When we let performance issues drag on, results and morale always suffer.

There is a better and underutilized option.

Coaching is a phenomenal approach to help an employee to rise ‘above the line’ or to make a thoughtful decision to exit a role.

Why does coaching work so well in this situation?

1. Coaches provide a safe space to explore the root cause of performance issues. Issues may be stemming from sources that aren’t easily addressed in the formal business environment.

2. Coaches teach clients how to address their mindset and view of life/work circumstances in a healthy, long lasting way. We are trained to do this work.

3. Clients (aka- Your Employees) produce their own results. Coaching is not consulting. This makes positive change very self sustaining.