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When Life Gets in the Way

I use this phrase often. But I realize that it’s not really true. It’s impossible for life to get in the way. Life is the way.

So when I work with leaders that are struggling to galvanize a new team or to solve a big customer problem it’s not surprising that the solution lies in addressing a life problem.

Here’s an example.

A past client of mine was very protective of his business. That good but it got in the way of growth.

His contracts were literally prisons. He wanted to ‘golden hand cuff’ his key employees. He refused to share any financial information with leaders.

This is a great example of knowing what works in business and failing to do it.

He knew all about Lencioni’s pyramid of high functioning teams. He knew that TRUST was the core of a successful business.

But he could not trust anyone.

We had to figure out why. His initial response was to deflect. He said that people would take advantage of him. We dug deeper.

I learned that an old business partner had indeed taken away key clients in the past. We also discussed the painful impacts of a contentious divorce.

This is what was hiding out in his mind. He was making decisions from a place of hurt and pain.

I helped him to process these events and emotions. He was even able to see how he contributed to the situations of the past.

My client agreed to start trusting.

We answered the question- exactly how can the team earn trust?

We built a process to facilitate trust.

A year later the business doubled and a leadership team was forming with real autonomy.

So life was getting in the way…….but we forged a new path.

Coaching is a gift for executives and business owners.

Because we have a life. And sometimes….it gets in the way.

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