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Where is my transformation???

Sometimes coaching sessions feel a little blah. There are sessions that we talk about small things, we back track, we don’t land on a solution.

I tell my clients (and I remind myself) that transformation is a process, not an event.

It certainly isn’t 24 consecutive transformations that occur with a big spontaneous aha in the 59th minute of a coaching session.

Transformation is like a colored lens. Rose colored, if you wish.

I will offer you a new lens that you can see the world through.

You have the new lens and you can look at your career, your relationships and yourself through this lens whenever you want.

Coaching is the process of helping you to use the lens and to evaluate the results of using it and not using it.

The transformation is what occurs over many months of consistently choosing to use the lens.

It is the culmination of new and different choices.

Your life can change one action at a time. No spontaneous transformation required.

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