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Why are we so weird?

Seriously, why do humans have such odd hang ups?

Why do millionaires freak out about their grocery bill? Why do super models hate their thighs? Why do CEO’s distrust employees?

Why do we do things that seem so ‘off brand’?

We do these odd things because of beliefs we hold about ourselves.

I specifically did not say beliefs we hold about the world.

This is because I do believe that it all boils down to ourselves.

Have you ever dug deep to find the belief that drives your most confounding behavior?

Sometimes the belief can be buried beneath 17 layers of superficial beliefs. But when you find the real banger…..change can be magical.

So why do you play small, argue all the time, talk too much, fear change, choose bad relationships, or hire unqualified people??

The answer lies in what you believe about yourself.

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