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Why We Work

As a working parent I have had many days that I really thought I should throw in the towel and stay home with the kids. I can only handle so many sick days, crying kids, and work deadlines all crashing down simultaneously before I start fantasizing about the stay at home life.

With my hands in the air I yell…..What good is all this money anyways???? It just sits there. I’d rather enjoy my kids.

I was having one of these dark nights of the soul just before a 1:1 trip to Washington DC with my 14 yr. old son.

Vacation was much needed.

We had a blast. I said yes to everything. Some quite dumb things. But fun was the goal. We had all the fun.

I also had an epiphany.

This wasn’t possible if I didn’t work. This is what the money is for. I have the privilege of being able to say yes to so much.

Duh. You gotta spend some of the money or it isn’t worth working for it. I was trying to save and invest everything. I left no room for fun.

I had a completely different perspective about work when I returned. I had a renewed purpose.

Working hard for money allows me the freedom to do really cool things with my kids.

Now…to be clear…..I don’t buy their affection. I still sit at rainy ballgames, have dinner with them, and do all the hard things.

But I appreciate working and earning in a more well-rounded way now.

>>>>>REMEMEBER-- You can’t take it with you!!!!

We all need a purpose for working. Naming it can be a game changer for how you show up as a leader, a parent, a partner, and as friend. Good bye resentment, hello purpose.

Finding purpose is something we work on in coaching. If you are looking to find meaning in your life, let’s talk.

Schedule a call with me to see if 1:1 coaching is a fit. If so, we can start working together next week!

Email for call times:

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