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Are Your Leaders Really Leading?

And What Is It Costing You?

I am building a strategy. I think. Wait, maybe. I’m not sure. Define strategy.”

Someone in your small business (maybe you) is thinking this way.

As a new leader, or a manager moving up to a higher level, the game changes. Expectations increase.

But in small-mid size business, there is rarely a clear set of guidelines for what these new leadership expectations are.

What does it really mean to be responsible for Net Income? How do I build a vision for my department? How do I spend my time if I am delegating more?

When leaders don’t know these answers, they continue to act as managers.

When this happens, the business becomes stagnant and the owner/CEO takes on too much responsibility.

When leaders are not really leading, the business does not scale. Owners are over worked. Good people leave.

So how can you successfully promote from within and help leaders take on these new heightened roles?


BauerHouse 1:1 Leadership Coaching is specifically designed to:

1. Recognize a leader’s existing strengths

Unlike a fixed content training, we don’t waste time on what is already working. We thoughtfully leverage strengths.

2. Identify what the business needs most

This allows us to prioritize exactly what a leader needs to focus on, not generalized business goals.

3. Teach Skills

My extensive background in small-midsize business allows me to teach financial, operational, people, and strategic leadership skills using proven tools, data, and actual experience.

4. Coach

Coaching is what sets this program apart.

Coaching encourages people to find internal motivation. Through mindset and confidence coaching, leaders find their own voice and strategic leadership become second nature.

They also learn how to coach others in the organization so that your leadership culture start to self-replicate.

Other trainings just teach you skills. I also help you actually use them.

I train and coach leaders at every level:

  • New Managers

  • Experienced/Executive leaders

  • Business owners/Founders/Visionaries

We work together via zoom 2-3 sessions per month. It’s effective and affordable.

If you want to talk about how leadership is working in your business, send me an email.

Read more about BauerHouse at

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