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Can I Love It????

Can I love my executive leadership role?

Like really love it.

Not just the money and title, but can I love who I am in this role?

This is such a fun question.

I don’t meet many people who truly love their corporate role….even as a high level executive.

But why not? It’s a complicated mix of personal mindset, social conditioning and confusion.

I coach my clients to see the opportunity in front of them.

But how do I reinvigorate a dying relationship with my corporate leadership role?

Here's a few things to try:

  1. Be an intrapreneur

An entrepreneur takes a new business idea and starts a company to bring that idea to market. An intrapreneur is an employee who channels that same creativity and innovation to develop new products and services — and sometimes even markets — for an employer.

Not sure how to approach this? I can help.

2. Get to know yourself

People change and every few years we should redefine our values, leadership style and personal committments. This work can light the flame and get you re-engaged.

3. Get a life

Yep. I'm serious. So many people look to their careers to provide all of their personal fulfillment. But your career can't do that all alone. You need stimulation from many angles. Exapnding your life will give you energy and spark creativity at work. Go beyond family and friends. Get out there. Try new things regularly.

These steps (and a few more I keep in my coaching toolkit) can help you to truly love your executive leadership role.

So go ahead….love it. I dare you.

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