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Do we have to golf???

I have never golfed.

I did now grow up with exposure to golf.

Now when my kids tell me they have a 2:07pm tee time and need a ride I giggle. Seriously. WTF?? Who are these people? Did I raise a household of privileged male golfers?

I did.

I’m happy they get to enjoy rolling hills on sunny days. Truly. They enjoy it.

But I still get a little uncomfortable when I quietly decline golf invitations.

I am insecure. It’s as if my inability to golf is a scarlet letter of corporate incapability.

Can I be a CEO if I don’t have a golf game?

I can. I am.

And here’s how….

At this point in my life (41), I can no longer blame my lack of golf game on my childhood or pedigree.

At this point, I have had decades to decide to golf.

At this point my own children have even offered to teach me.

I just choose not to golf.

Not because of a feminist manifesto.

But because my life is full of other hobbies and I just don’t want to.

So when the executive team golfs at the retreat I don’t mind. I don’t get FOMO. I don’t believe that they will plot my demise on the 9th hole.

I choose to believe they are having a blast and we will catch up afterwards. It’s totally ok. It’s not at all about me.

There’s more to leadership than golf.

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