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How a leader's emotions shape culture

Leaders have the opportunity to impact people in significant ways.

Leaders can inspire a team to achieve a vision. They can shape the trajectory of a person’s career.

This is very powerful.

But with great power comes great responsibility.

Impact can be purposeful or it can be haphazard. Haphazard impact can be the result of an unintentional emotional wake.

What is emotional wake?

When boats move through water they create waves that can disrupt the area around them.

This is how we think of wake.

Emotional wake is the same.

The words we use, our attitude and energy will impact those around us. The greater the energy, the larger the wake.

We can all recall a time when we were chugging along at work, making progress and enjoying our day. And our leader entered the room with a negative charge. They were upset. They were upset about something that really didn’t involve you….but their wake was large enough to engulf you.

This is how wake works. Honestly…it’s a very heavy burden to carry. Maybe it’s undue. But it exists nonetheless.

Leaders must be aware of how their every action can shape the culture of an organization over time.

So how do you handle being an authentic human with emotions while being scrutinized all of the time.

It takes a high level of personal development, self-awareness, and EQ. This skillset is not something that certain gifted leaders are just born with. It is honed and developed over time.

The most effective way to develop this skill set is through coaching. Coaches provide direct feedback that can’t be given in other working relationships. Coaching allows for vulnerability and challenge within a single conversation.

The BauerHouse LeadWell program is designed for leaders with less than 3 years of leadership experience in multi-million dollar organizations. We work on the core skillsets of an effective leader while also exploring things like emotional wake. The combination of coaching and teaching is unlike other training programs because of the closed feedback loop, time to practice and customized content.

To learn more about the 8 week LeadWell program, visit:

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