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I'm Not A Fun Mom

I am not a very fun mom.

And I am 100% ok with this.

Years ago when I was feeling insecure about my parenting I decided to create a vision for what being a mother meant to me.

I decided that I have one primary goal as a parent. A guiding light.

My children will know what it feels like to be truly loved.

I still get chills when I say this out loud.

I chose this because there’s so much we can’t control in any given phase of life. Our finances, the health of the world, even the way our children feel about us can be beyond our influence.

So what I really wanted to give my children was a very clear picture of true love.

I hope that this allows them to love others well and be loved. I hope that they will have high standards for the relationships they create.

I believe that if we show up to the world with love anything is possible.

Are you clear on what your purpose as a parent is? Or are you trying to be everything to everyone?

Do you feel like your kids must have every opportunity no matter the cost?

How does it make you feel to be responsible for so much?

Would you like to get really clear on what you believe contributes most to your family’s wellbeing?

We can work on that together. Schedule a consultation to explore 1:1 Coaching opportunities.

PS. Creating a vision for yourself as a parent is like becoming the CEO of your home (and life). This is a leadership skill that has many lifelong applications.

Leadership, Life, & Everything in Between

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