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Let's stop making fun of corporate culture

I love the IG personalities who make fun of U.S. corporate culture. Most of this humor is aimed at the generational differences in the workplace and the changing tone of our work environments.

Workplaces are a lot like awkward teenagers right now.

Our policies and unspoken norms are walking an unstable path between Boomers and Gen Z. We are managing both feminism and patriarchy. We are struggling with DE&I. We just don’t know how to show up anymore.

The rules are changing. Our voices are cracking and something smells like a 3 day old cheeseburger.

So I love the social media jokes. They are incredibly funny and painfully accurate.

But something is missing. Who is responsible for creating the new version of work? Who is setting the new example and lighting the way?

Is it all just too terrible to fix?


The silence is deafening.

I’ll raise my hand.

The leadership development programs at BauerHouse are writing a new script.

Our curriculums are built on timeless concepts made modern through high EQ.

When leaders develop a strong sense of self awareness, executive acumen and global responsibility, businesses are built on sustainable practices that create both profit and health.

Our wish is that you Live & Lead Well.

Funny cause it's true.....

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