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Look at what you have created

I use a parenting practice that anchors on emotional self-regulation.

Basically, if you can regulate your emotions well, your children can co-regulate with you.

This super power cuts both ways though. When you are short tempered, angry and loud, your children will return the favor.

This isn’t rocket science. But it is hard to do consistently. It’s very zen buddhist.

This philosophy also holds true for my coaching clients.

When we react to challenging leadership circumstances with negativity, frustration, panic or accusation our people return this favor.

I’ve been reading a lot about manifestation lately. And this is exactly what those teachers are telling us.

You attract what you are.

So who are you in a time of crisis? Who are you when a sale is lost? Who are you when people quit? Who are you when the plan isn’t working?

Our reactions to these everyday occurences create the energy in our business. This energy self replicates.

If your team isn’t accountable …..look at the top. If people are leaving…..look within. If sales are declining…….look in a mirror. If the pace is frantic……how are you showing up?

You have attracted everything in your business. Full Stop.

Coaches can provide a mirror to leaders so they can better harness their own power.